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How do I add a Bulkhead?

Just a bit of history, traditionally, boat designs are enumerated to ”outside of plank” and it is up to the builder to make the adjustments, usually through the lofting process, based on the actual thickness of the plank. Have you tried the menu commands,  First make sure that interior edges […]

is Auto Fairing available?

Yes there is Auto Fairing available. You can run it in two modes: To fair only points you”ve selected, or to fair the entire hull surface. The algorithm can fair the entire hull, but I still think the best way to use it is to only fair some user selected […]

Can I export to AutoCad?

Currently you can use Autocad or a similar program to open export 3D Boat Design files to. The file extension you can export/import your files as is a .DXF file type You can also export to Blender/3D Max in both dxf and .obj. There is also the possibility to import […]

How do I modify the Background Scale?

Select Backround image/set scale  Click to some known point in the picture. For example the bow tip. A new little window comes up showing the current cordinates. You can then replace the cordinates to be what it should be, like the bow should be at X=10m and Z=2m the change […]


To create corners you need to add more control lines to your corners. We will often add extra control lines at right angles. It tends to help the subdivision algorithms to maintain the shape you are try to develop. Another option is adding a non-creased diagonal edge, connecting to point […]

How do I Create Corners?

To create corners. 1. CTRL + Click on the crease edge of interest. If this does nothighlight the whole edge you probable have a point which is definedas a corner point along the curve. If so click on the point anduncheck the appropriate box. 2. Press CURVE –> NEW to […]

Can I Design Different Layers / Areas?

This software is a full CAD system. You can use it to draw the items you specify. The best option may be to design these via the layer option, so you can view and hide the different areas (or layers) of the design. The program gives you loads of flexibility […]