How do I make Flat Surface?

If you create it correctly you should be able to create a flat surface. Go into the layers properties and make sure all the layers are set to developable (check the box) then go under tools and select develop plates. This should develop the panels. If they are really messed […]

Do I get a materials list?

No the software does not give you a material list, it is a design application that enable you to print a full scale model of the boat you wish to build. There is too large a variance in designs and options to allow any software package to efficiently do what […]

I get the error ”not a valid win32 file

As long as you are running a PC, this software will work. The error you have described normally happens due to the program not being downloaded correctly. Please go back to the download page and re-download the software. This will fix this problem This page is changed monthly so please ensure […]

My payment did not go through?

Clickbank does go offline temporarily from time to time (like most web sites), while this can be very annoying usually it is only very temporary and within 15 minutes or so it will be back online. Please have another go at:

Can I Pay via e-check

Yes, there is the possibility of using a e-check for payments. To access this option simply click on the order page as per normal but select the pay with PayPal option. Details of echecks can be viewed at: Alternatively please read the below: An eCheck is a payment that […]

Can I Pay Via PayPal?

Yes, You are able to pay via Paypal via the online payment system available. Go to the payment page by clicking on the link below: Under the section called “Your Payment” Look at the right hand side. There is a button to click for Paypal payments

How Do I Order A Physica Version?

It is great you are after the physical software. Normally this option is only available to members, however due to demand we have decided to set up a non members payment area. The current price for this is$129.95 + P&P To order this please click on: Then click the […]

How Do I Print Full Size

You will be able to use 3D Boat Design for all your designs needs and also print these out as full scale (if you have the right printer) Once you have the design developed and saved, click on the  Tools | Develop plates menu choice.  This opens a window that […]

Where is the Login Page

Normally when you purchase an item via ClickBank (our payment processor) they send you a confirmation email. This has details of the purchase you made. You are also automatically taken to the download page (where all the items you purchased are available. If you closed the payment window or clicked […]