What Designs Able To Be Made?’

You will be able to use 3D Boat Design for this and many other designs. 3D Boat Design offers you a very versatile CAD Software Package. You can easily create various different boat shapes as well ad other boat objects such as cabins, interior or exterior objects and it even […]

Can I create an interior or cabin?

You can create interior items. A brief tutorial is below: To add bulkheads, bunks, cockpit seats, even consoles and such, extrude a handy boundry edge (the shear is good) by .1 units, then extrude it again by 2 units. Zoom in on the first extrusion and delete the two lines […]

How do I install 3DBoatDesign?

If the installer finishes it means that 3D Boat Design has been installed onto your system. Simply go to the directory you installed it to. The default install directory is c:/programs/3DBoatDesign/ It will also be available in your start menu under – 3DBoatDesign Please ensure you read the help file […]

How do I Import Chines?

1. generate the 3d coordinates for each chine and export these from your current software as a TXT file. 2. Any negative values in your coordinates need to be offset so that they are all positive 3. You can also make the transom end start at the 0,0,0 origin, with […]

Layer Properties

This shows details like area per layer and you can add density and thickness to get weight. Have a look at a screen shot at: http://3dboatdesign.com/images/layerpropertieswithdensbe9.png  

Can I use 3DBoatDesign for Lofting?

You will be able to use 3D Boat Design for designs and to get the reference points of the boat you wish to build. Designs tend to be displayed in half forms as the other half is duplicated lofting is a Drafting technique whereby curved lines are drawn on wood […]