Can I use 3DBoatDesign for Lofting?

You will be able to use 3D Boat Design for designs and to get the reference points of the boat you wish to build. Designs tend to be displayed in half forms as the other half is duplicated

lofting is a Drafting technique whereby curved lines are drawn on wood and the wood then cut for advanced woodworking. Basically each boat design has a set of offsets & lines given in numerical form.

These numbers correspond to measured distances from a reference point(s).
Vertical distances are usually given (+ or -) from the waterline or bottom of keel (BOK). Width distances are given from the centerline. Length is usually given from approx. the boats center.

Any point on the boat can be located by giving it”s position using what are basically it”s coordinates.

When lofting you basically lay out the transverse frames and the fore & aft lines full size. The transom and other parts may be laid out also. This is usually done on a plywood or simularly smooth surface. Nails are driven into the critical and called for points. By laying wooden battens (straight, long pieces of flexible wood) across these, nails one can check for fairness. Critical errors will stand out clearly.

Frames and transverse bulkheads shape and size will be “lifted” from the lofted lines.

I”m no expert, so I am sure other places will have some good input for you. Any proper boat building book should also explain the process.

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