How do I Create Corners?

To create corners.

1. CTRL + Click on the crease edge of interest. If this does not
highlight the whole edge you probable have a point which is defined
as a corner point along the curve. If so click on the point and
uncheck the appropriate box.

2. Press CURVE –> NEW to create an actual curve. This would be in
purple unless you have changed the settings.

3. Click on this purple curve and the curvature plot should appear.
If not, you need to either press VISIBILITY –> CURVATURE or press
F10 a few times, or both.

4. Nudge the points as necessary to smoothen the curve using the
arrow keys. Use the + and – keys if Nudging produces too big or too
small changes.

5. Change the view and repeat the adjustments to ensure that the
curve is fair from all angles.

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